Bio / C.V.

Born into the industrial Hamilton, Ontario;  I was raised into a technical theatre lifestyle.  I struggled throughout my early life within the education system and through personal challenges in an effort to find my place. After high school I studied digital media, only to find many dead ends.  Eventually, I was given the opportunity to instruct youth art classes at the Art Gallery of Burlington (formerly the Burlington Art Centre). This opportunity inspired me on my journey to explore the visual arts. My continued instruction of art evolved into a new found adventure. Wherein I moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario to pursue formal Arts education. After 4 years is have completed my HBFA at Lakehead University with a focus on Ceramics, Printmaking and Sculpture. Gaining insight and experience needed to expand and continue my artistic practice.
-Alex Borghesan


HBFA – Lakehead University 
Awards and Publications



  • Hamilton Arts Awards 2017
    Emerging Artist Nomination – Fine Arts
  • Volunteer After Hours Studio Tech – Centre [3]
  • Art Instructor  
    Art Gallery of Hamilton | Hamilton, Ontario


  • Artist’s Proof – Definitely Superior Art Gallery
    “Top Ten” (Gum Bichromate)
  • Instructor – Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • Abstracted Memories- Centre [3]


  • Survey show – Architect Hair Design / James St. North Art Crawl
    Selection of works from the past 3 years.
  • Retrograduate Exhibition – Definitely Superior Art Gallery
  • Urban Infill – Art in the Core 8
  • Major Studio Show – Sculpture – Thunder Bay Art Gallery
  • Group Show – Calico Coffee House
    With Mike Doswell
  • Lakehead University Juried Show
    “End of the Line” (print)
    “Silver Moonlight” (print)
    “Gendered Identity” (Ceramic figures)
  • Project Member for “Community Too”
    Public stone sculpture carved by John David Hart
    In Collaboration With “Art’s Gallery”, “The Auralite Amethyst Mine” and “Ugly Wolf Forge”
    Located, Red River St. Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • TBT News Hour – Juried Show Artist Interview – Jan 30, 2015
  • The Nexus Re-birth Issue – “Trifecta 2” Cover Image
  • Ceramics Technician – Lakehead University


  • Lakehead University Juried Show
    “Music Maker” Lakehead University Presidents award.
    “Cold Feet” (Ceramics)
    “Unnatural” (Sculpture)
  • Urban Infill
  • Summer instructor – Thunder Bay Art Gallery
  • DefSup Art Gallery
    “Trifecta 2” — Permanent Collection of the Lakehead University Genders Centre
  • 1000 Miles Apart  – Attended and Presented -Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta
  • Workshop and Visual Arts Representative for Lakehead University Preview Day
  • Ceramics Technician – Lakehead University


  • Lakehead University Juried Show
    “Wave” –  Sold
    “Ties” (Ceramics) Tuckers Pottery Award
  • Workshop and Visual Arts Representative for Lakehead University Preview Day
  • Urban Infill
  • Summer instructor – Grimsby Public Art Gallery
  • Ceramics Technician – Lakehead University


  • Resendency Sanbao Ceramics Art Institute
    Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province China.
  • Lakehead University Juried Show
  • Summer Kiln Technician – Burlington Art Centre (now Art Gallery of Burlington)
  • Apprentice Ceramics Technician – Lakehead University


  • Lakehead University – Honours BFA to present
  • Lakehead University Juried Show
  • 1000 Miles Apart  – University in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Apprentice Ceramics Technician – Lakehead University


  • Instructor – Burlington Art Centre (now Art Gallery of Burlington)