Major Studio

:Soon we shall rethink our prescribed identity:

During my travels across Canada, I have noticed that in many cases no matter how remote you think you are; the land is never untouched. Whether it be logging camps, quarries, or even discarded paper coffee cups at the top of a mountain in the Kootenay chain.

Each of the three works in this sculpture series is a deconstructed landscape that has been ultimately reconstructed. Every sculpture started out as a part of the local landscape and as a Cedar tree. With the help of a local lumber mill I was able to choose the trees that would be reconstructed and intertwined with a human touch. Cut apart under a saw blade and meticulously rebuilt, each sculpture can be viewed as a fabrication process. Combining building techniques and materials to exemplify the tensions of the Canadian identity.

The purpose of the project is to bring to light the inconsistencies with how we have been conditioned to view our country. If we keep viewing Canada as a bastion of untouched wilderness we limit our awareness and run the risk of eventually running out of what we have prescribed to.